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Dr. Hawkins and the ladies in the office are AMAZING. My kids and I were in a car accident on 7/16/2017 and that day with all the adrenalin we didn't feel much pain. Unfortunately, with each day waking up the pain became VERY intense for myself and my 2 children that were in the car as well. I found Align online and chose them because they were very close to my home and I honestly didn't really want to even drive any longer after the accident. From the beginning the girls were super sweet. I have a 6 and 8 year old that were VERY curious about what was going on and never did they seem annoyed by all their questions. Dr. Hawkins came in and gave us our adjustments while explaining to us what he was doing and our goals during our treatment. I've heard horror stories about chiropractors wanting to keep you longer than needed but my kids were released within a couple of weeks, even when I thought they'd keep them longer. My kids are doing great and now that I go alone they still ask if they can come with us to see everyone in the office. It hasn't even been 30 days and I'm feeling better. I love their check in where you can point out what part of the body you are feeling discomfort and rate it on a number scale so they know what to focus on. I work a desk job and drive an hour and fifteen minutes each way for work and I didn't think the pain would get better so quick. I'm so happy with my decision.

I pray that once my visits are completed I don't need any future appointments but if I do, I know I'll be returning here! They also referred me to an attorney that has amazing reviews, I'm still in the middle of everything but I think he's going to do an amazing job.

Whiplash Injury Care Surprise
Petrina W.

I have been seeing Dr. Hawkins for almost 2 months after being in an accident. The staff is great and they work together as a team very well. I've had massages as well as chiropractic care and would give 5 stars on both. Sometimes there is a longer than hoped for wait time, but that's only because they really do give each individual person the treatment they need so they can walk out feeling better, even if that means adding additional therapies which can take extra time.

Surprise Auto Accident Treatment
Amanda F.

I highly recommend align chiropractic . It is a fun and friendly environment im glad i found align to come to after my accident they really care about their patients.

Whiplash Injury Treatment Surprise AZ
Olivia L.

Dr. Jason Hawkins seriously saved my from a lifetime of pain due to a car accident. On top of him being a top notch chiropractor, his office is lively and up beat with an awesome staff;), himself included, I've never felt better!!!.

Whiplash Injury Care Surprise
Tatyana L.

I was in the Phoenix area this January as a snowbird when my husband and I were involved in a car accident. While the other company took care of the car, I did received an injury. I'm very healthy with no prior problems so expected the pain would go away on its own. Unfortunately it got worse over the next 10 days so I let my insurance company know I was going to seek treatment. They couldn't refer me to anyone and I didn't know of a doctor in the area. My husband suggested seeing a chiropractor so I searched on-line for the closest ones and found Dr. Hawkins. Boy did I get lucky - he was able to see me the next day and start my treatment/recovery. He takes the time to explain bodymechanics and his treatment, he is very professional, polite to his staff and very good at what he does. I highly recommend him - you won't be disappointed.

Surprise Auto Accident Treatment
W. Wilcox

Considering my auto accident I'm immpressed with the quality service Dr.Jason Hawkins and staff has provided for me.

Whiplash Injury Treatment Surprise AZ
Courtney R.

From my first interaction with this office all the way to present day, I have had nothing but the best experience with align chiropractic. I was in a pretty rough car accident about two months ago and I had to make sure that I was going to be ok. I found align from previous reviews and decided to try them out. They got me in the same day I called, which to me was important because I was in pain and very scared. My first visit I literally was brought to tears because of the built emotion, and the immediate response of Dr. Hawkins was nothing short of what it should have been, he was so empathetic, and reassuring that everything would be ok. And it didn't stop with him, his staff was equally as empathetic, his assistant Paige should literally be given a medal for how patient and funny and kind she is! No joke. Here it is, two months later, and I'm feeling better every day, and the support, flexibility and kindness I have received has been endless. I can say so much more, but hands down, I would recommend align over any other chiropractic place. Not enough thanks to the staff.

Surprise Auto Accident Treatment
Jessica M.

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